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We are proud to post your comments and thoughts as to why Minnesota Sucks.  Our list begins:
1.  The Gophers
2.  The Vikings
3.  Macys, really, that's the best Anchor store we can get?  Come on
4.  The weather
5.  No true Deli
6.  Very "clicky" people who have no time for you, unless you grew up with them
7.  Prince.  We want to disclaim him
8.  High Taxes
9.  Al Frankin.  We might as well have Daffy Duck be our governor
10. Rusty pick up trucks and large vans driving driven by women smoking ciggarettes 
11.  Fat people chowing at the state fair
12.  Bikers in those very queer outfits
13.  Block E.  Cleary named after a cell block
14.  Knollwood.  There's a happening mall 
15.  The drivers.  Entrance ramps are not for stopping and accelarating to 5 miles per hour.  
16.  Old Country Buffet.  It ain't the Bellagio buffet people.
17.  People think the fillet of fish or whaler sandwiches are good sea food.
18.  Bull heads, croppies, sunfish and fried walleye dinners. Always fresh from those lakes people piss in.
19. Hat-head from having to wear a hat 9/12ths of the year.

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